Mumbai: Those Bollywood personalities who got to attend the party thrown in Tom Cruise's honour understandably clamoured for his attention. Interestingly, there was one lady who did not have to do much to attract Tom's attention, our very own Tabu.

Apparently, Tom was well versed with the kind of work she has been doing, especially since the actress is now working with Ang Lee in Life of Pi.

Says an eyewitness, "Tom is a huge Ang Lee fan and it was pretty obvious that he was more than curious to know about the Indian actress who is working in Lee's next. So when he met Tabu, they obviously had a lot to speak about."

Apparently, the two spent a substantial amount of time chatting up about shooting in India and the actress' experience with Ang Lee.

Adds the source, "There are a few Indian actors Tom has always wanted to meet and Tabu is one of them. Also, she was in the ‘Namesake’ and he had heard a lot about the film. People have been telling him about her choice of cinema and the exclusivity she maintains within the Bollywood space, and he was impressed."

Despite being such a huge star, Tom has not yet got an opportunity to work with the Taiwanese film director and he was apparently sharing his interest in the same with Tabu.
"He told her that he wasn't as lucky as her yet, because he hasn't worked with Ang Lee."

Well, maybe our lovely lady could pull some strings for him.