"Modi is needed in New Delhi, but the BJP has stopped him in Maharashtra. This is playing with national security," said an edit in the party mouthpiece 'Saamana' on Wednesday. It said Modi "is currently busy with election campaign in Maharashtra" and he is moving in different villages for votes.

"Maharashtra politics can come later. The country's security is important. Modiji, please stop tolerating the indiscretions of Pakistan," Sena urged. It admitted that a couple of months ago, India had snapped off secretary-level talks with Pakistan, but that was not enough.

In fact, after the September firing incidents by Pakistan on the international borders, Indian had warned of retaliating with bullets for bullets."When will that (retaliation) happen? Modi is too busy with Maharashtra Assembly elections," lamented the BJP's ex-ally of 25 years.

Why should be sit and count our bodies (of casualties)? If they kill five, we should kill their 50 and bring their heads to Chhatrapati Shivaji's Maharashtra," it urged, seeking strong action as seven people have been killed in India in the Pakistani firings.

Incidentally, after the BJP unilaterally snapped ties September 25, the Shiv Sena has launched a bitter counter-attack, especially targetting Modi almost daily through 'Saamana' group edits and in public rallies.

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