The 19-year-old Latika won the bout 7-2 with a judicious blend of attack mixed with defence.
Latika used the 'Ap Chagi' technique (Front kick) to good use as she straightaway earned three points in the first round. Out of her seven points, Latika got three points because of the passivity shown by the Tajik girl, who refused to attack. The other point was won by 'Yeop chagi' technique or what is called a 'Lateral kick' with the heel.
Once she got a four-point lead, Latika also became intent on defending thereby conceding two penalty points due to passivity.
However, Latika's next bout later on Tuesday, will be a tough one against current Asian champion South Korea's Jeongyeon Hoon, who drubbed her Mongolian opponent Oyun Erdene Gansukh 15-1.
Taekwondo, by the way, is a Korean form of martial art and the Indian youngster knows what she is up against next.

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