Ghani, who arrived here on Monday, identified terror as a major challenge facing the region and said his government was determined to make Afghanistan the "graveyard of terror".

He was full of praise for Indian democracy as he talked about Tagore and the cultural links between the two countries.

In "Kabuliwala", Tagore depicts the story of an Afghan travelling to India with the intention to earn some money in order to pay debts and to save his home in Afghanistan.

"May I take a moment to thank Rabindranath Tagore. 'Kabuliwala' has done more to give us a brand which we could not buy with a billion dollars of advertisements.

He was  delighted that the old version was being watched and a new version was being prepared that would give you a much more authentic sitting inside Afghanistan, Ghani cited while speaking at a joint briefing along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House.

He fondly remembered the works of Tagore and said that he was taught about the famous author during his childhood by his grandmother.

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