Gwalior: The parched districts of Chambal region in Madhya Pradesh will celebrate Diwali in real terms after 40 years as the Chambal Canal System is likely to receive adequate irrigation water supply to quench the thirst of the tail-end areas of this arid zone.

As per the agreement between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh on sharing of Chambal river water, 3900 cusec water would be released everyday from Gandhi Sagar Dam for the Chambal region.  The released water would irrigate about 2.5 lakh hectare fields in tail-end areas of the state for the whole season.

Talking about the agreement, the Superintending Engineer of Madhya Pradesh Water Resource Department, B K Kori, said there is surplus water in the Gandhi Sagar Dam due to good rain this time.

So far Chambal region could avail water that irrigated only one lakh hectares of field, Kori said, adding that farmers of the tail-end areas were always deprived of the water especially during the season of Rabi crops. But now, he said, water would be available in the Chambal Canal System in the state and would reach to tail-end areas from October 26 to 29.

A meeting between the chief secretaries of Rajasthan and MP is also slated to take place on October 21 to discuss other matters related to the water agreement, Kori added.

It is expected that Chambal region would continue to get uninterrupted water supply till March 15 next year.