"Welcome to Twitter, my sister," tweeted Statue of Liberty on its handle @LaTourEiffel, later joined by the Taj Mahal -- indisputably the most famous example of Mughal architecture and a Unesco heritage site, newspapers reported today.

"Parisian since 1889, now I am sparkling on Twitter!" said one of the first tweets on the official account of the 1,063 ft-high tower nicknamed La Grande Dame by its creator Gustave Eiffel.

According to the officials, they decided to open the Twitter account to provide "news about the Tower, historical facts as well as practical information".

The Taj Mahal joined New York's Empire State Building in welcoming the tall Paris tower to the world of tweets. Eiffel Tower attracts more than seven million visitors from across the globe annually.

It has nearly 1.7 million fans on its Facebook account. By today, its Twitter account had 18,300 followers.