London (Agencies): Most of the children do not like milk but a new study revealed that drinking milk everyday can keep bowel cancer at bay.

Researchers and experts in New Zealand have carried out the study and found that children who drink half-a-pint of milk daily are 40 per cent less likely to suffer bowel cancer as adults, the 'American Journal of Epidemiology' reported.

According to them, milk has a powerful protective result against cancer and the key to its anti-cancer effects lies in daily consumption over long periods.

"Our results suggest daily consumption of milk in childhood may reduce bowel cancer incidence, possibly by the action of calcium," Prof Brian Cox, who led the study, was quoted as saying in the Sunday Express.

In their study, involving a group of students, the researchers found that the subjects were 40 per cent less likely to suffer a tumour later in life if they had milk every day for six years or more.

The findings hold up previous evidence from the World Cancer Research Fund that milk protects against cancer. Campaigners said the research pointed towards the benefits of school milk.

Dr Judith Bryans, director of the Dairy Council, informed, "School milk is hugely important because it ensures children have an adequate supply of nutrients. One glass of milk has the same amount of calcium as a kg of spinach."

A spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK also said, "The best ways to reduce bowel cancer risk are to keep a healthy weight, drink less alcohol and be physically active."