Researchers reveal that a healthy diet is essential to stay happy and check depression, and most of us are unaware about the food items that should be avoided. The food choice we make can affect our mood.

Here we have listed some food items that are really making you sad and depressed.

1. Coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine which disturbs sleeping patterns and can alter person’s mood. Further, it can also cause irritation and nervousness.

2. Ice-creams:

Food items with high sugar content and trans-fat such as ice-creams and donuts can surge your sugar levels. It may also cause headaches and fatigue.

3. Meat:

Red meat and processed meat are high in saturated fats which can disturb your insulin levels. It can also cause cancer and diabetes.

4. Alcohol:

Excessive consumption of alcohol can slow down your central nervous system, comprising of the brain and spinal cord which control your understanding and thinking. Slow working of the central nervous system allows depression to creep in easily.

5. Chips and fries:

Many potato chips and fries are made in oil containing omega-6 fatty acids which contribute to the depressive mood. As an alternative, add olive oil to your food. It helps to reduce the onset of depression.

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