"It is not an honour for me alone, but for the children in the world and an honour to the nation. But when the credit is yours, so is the responsibility," the Nobel Peace prize winner said at a lecture organised by the Ministry of Defence here.
"I urge the civil society, leaders to do their bit, speak out on violence against children and eradicate child labour," he said.
Satyarthi also said he has not accepted the prize money given by the Nobel committee for the Peace Prize, which was jointly awarded to him and Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai on December 10, for their pioneering work on promoting child rights.
"I told the committee that neither I, nor my organisation will accept the prize money. This money will be spent on children," he said.
Underlining that intolerance among children and youth was on a rise which was leading to violence, he called for concerted efforts to root out the looming moral crisis in the world.
"Every country is bothered about economic growth but what about moral crisis? We live in a world where children are sold like cattle. We cannot even give them a vision to become global citizens.
"There is growing intolerance. In the name of ethics and religion, people are being killed," he said.     

Highlighting that education was the key to development, Satyarthi called for democratisation of knowledge, the benefits of which should reach out to the maximum number of people.
Raising concerns over women's safety in the country, the founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan said violence was not only physical, sexual abuse but the environment of fear created for women in itself was equivalent to violence.

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