The Manoj Bajpayee-starrer is based on the life of Aligarh Muslim University professor SR Siras, who was sacked on the charges of homosexuality.
It has been alleged a fringe group has arm-twisted exhibitors in Aligarh into cancelling the screening of the biopic. The city's mayor said the movie defames Aligarh by promoting homosexuality.
"To stop the screenings of the film is wrong. We have a film certification board, which watches the film and tells what needs to be cut.
"So, when it has given the clearance to the movie then if you remove by extra-constitutional ways then it is not right. If you have a complaint go to court but to take off a film by bullying is wrong," Akhtar told reporters here.
The veteran screenwriter said homosexuality has always been a part of human race and creating hullabaloo over it is wrong.
"Homosexuality has nothing to do with culture. When 'Fire' (starring Akhtar's wife Shabana Azmi) was made, a lot of hullabaloo was created and it was taken off from theatres, then taken to court... Homosexuality exists in human race, it is everywhere in the world."


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