Islamabad: Taliban militants attacked the homes of pro-government tribesmen in Mohmand region of northwest Pakistan and killed four persons, officials said on Monday.

A group of militants lobbed grenades at the house of a member of an anti-Taliban militia in Mohmand Agency late Sunday night, they said.

The head of the family, Gulbab Khan, his son and a nephew died in the attack.

The family returned fire but there was no report of casualties among the militants, who later escaped.

The militants later attacked the home of another militia member, Ghazi Muhammad, in the same area, killing a child and injuring two persons, including Muhammad, his family said.

Residents of Mohmand Agency formed the "peace committee" or militia to help security forces fight the militants.

Taliban militants regularly target pro-government tribesmen and, according to official figures, nearly 140 volunteers have been killed in such attacks.

Many civilians have also died in Taliban suicide attacks in the region.

The Pakistan Army on Sunday said that 25 militants were killed in Mohmand Agency in an air and ground operation by security forces.

Four soldiers were also killed and several others injured in clashes, an Army statement said.

Pakistani officials say the militants receive help from the Taliban in Afghanistan.