Islamabad: A top Tehrik-e-Taliban commander has said that his group will not blindly support Pakistan in the event of an attack by the US.
Maulvi Faqir Muhammad, the commander for Bajaur tribal region and the Deputy Chief of the TTP, a grouping of militant factions, made the remarks in a telephone interview with a news channel.
Referring to drone strikes in the tribal belt, he said the US was continuously infringing on Pakistan’s sovereignty.
However, if the US sends ground troops into the country, the TTP will not blindly or impulsively support Pakistan, he said, adding a decision on backing Pakistan will be made by the TTP Shura or Council after deliberations.
The Taliban commander criticised the Pakistan government for what he described as "its double game" in Afghanistan.    

The US wants to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan but Pakistan wants to trap the Americans in the Afghan quagmire, he claimed.
"Though Pakistan and the US are allies in the war against terrorism, they don't trust each other. Instead, the two deceitful allies want to outsmart each other," Muhammad said.
He blamed Pakistan's "double standards" for the fluid security situation in Afghanistan, saying such a policy had damaged the possibility of peace in the war-torn country.
"Peace cannot be restored in Pakistan and Afghanistan unless the two neighbours learn to coexist with peace."    

Muhammad claimed attacks against the US will decrease if it pulls its troops out of Islamic countries and calls off its "covert war" in Pakistan's tribal belt. He rejected allegations that the TTP was getting support from Afghan authorities and US troops stationed in Afghanistan.
This was the first time Taliban have hinted that they will not side with Pakistan in the event of any US aggression.