Khost: At least three Afghan police officers were killed on Thursday after a suicide squad attacked a police training centre in east Afghanistan.

"Three suicide bombers attacked the local police training centre in Aryoob Zazai district- one of the attackers managed to detonate his suicide vest, as a result of which two local police and one national policeman were killed and two national policemen were injured," said spokesman Rohullah Samoon.

"The second suicide attacker was gunned down before blowing up himself. The third attacker escaped and police are looking for him," he added.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, as well as for a car bombing early Thursday, southeast of Kabul which targeted the office of a local official and wounded four people.

Eastern Afghanistan is one of the worst flashpoints in the nearly 10-year Taliban-led insurgency against the government in Kabul and around 130,000 international troops based in the country.

The latest attack comes on the day after 10 people, including a leading local pro-government figure and five children, were killed at a meeting of elders in Kunar province, also in eastern Afghanistan.

A recent wave of bombings has targeted Afghan police, who will take increasing responsibility for security from US-led NATO troops, whose combat operations are due to end in 2014.