Karachi/Islamabad: In a brazen attack, a Taliban suicide bomber on Monday rammed his 300 kg explosive-laden vehicle into the house of a senior Pakistani counter-terrorism
officer killing at least eight persons including six policemen and a child.
Special Superintendent of Police Chaudhry Aslam, who was the traget, escaped unhurt in the early morning attack that flattened his house in the posh Defence area of Karachi.
Six of those killed in the attack, that took place at 7:30 am, were the officer's bodyguards. Others included a woman and her child.
The banned terror group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack and has given a list of five officers who they will target.
Taliban spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan said the banned outfit would also be targeting other police officials involved in arresting and killing of its cadre members.
He went on to name five Karachi police officials on the Taliban hit list.
According to sources, Aslam had earlier received threats from various militant groups inlcuding the Taliban.

Aslam was part of a special unit that conducted operations against militants and criminal gangs and he had captured several persons linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

"I will not be cowed. I will teach a lesson to generations of militants...I did not know that these terrorists were such cowards that they would attack sleeping children," said Aslam
speaking to the media.

He called the attack a cowardly act. The officer and his family were shifted to an undisclosed location soon after the attack.

The blast, which was heard from several kilometres away, damaged several nearby houses and cars parked in the area. The explosion caused a 10-foot deep and 25-foot wide crater.

Police officials said the bomber had used 300 kg of explosives.
Debris from the officer's home was hurled over a large distance. A plume of smoke was seen rising into the sky.

Several schools and educational institutions are located near the officer's home and the blast was followed by a traffic snarl as parents rushed to the area to pick up their

The woman killed in the blast was a school teacher while the dead child was her 12-year-old son, officials at Jinnah Hospital said.
Karachi has witnessed several high-profile terrorist attacks, including one in May on the Mehran naval airbase that killed 10 security personnel.
Aslam himself was the target of another attack that killed two of his bodyguards.