Chennai: Following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, infiltration of Jihadis and Talibans into India and Pakistan was possible, a senior official of the Indian Air Force said here on Monday.

"With the US withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, Jihadis and Talibans infiltrating into India and Pakistan cannot be ruled out", Air Commodore Arjun Subramaniam, Air Headquarters, New Delhi, said.

Speaking at a seminar on "Conflict in Kashmir: Challenges Ahead" organised by department of Defence and Strategic studies at the University of Madras, Air Commodore Subramaniam said "If that happens, Taliban can get back to Kashmir and expand the proxy war".

Stressing for good governance and perception management to be the need of the hour in Jammu and Kashmir, he stated that the country needs to be equipped to deter Pakistan from entering into a proxy war.

"Deterrence, governance and perception management should be coercive in bringing normalcy to Kashmir", he said.

Terming that the dialogue between Pakistan and India has become "intractable", Lieutenant General Prakash Menon said "good governance is a tough challenge today, but only it would take care all of us (particularly in Jammu and Kashmir)..", he said.

Major General Rajavelu,Officers Training Academy, Chennai, recalled that during his tenure in Jammu and Kashmir, there was no proper road connectivity and even no telephone  connection.

"Today you talk about 3G and 4G coming in. But for 40,000 people in a valley of Jammu and Kashmir, there was no telephone", he said, adding that after writing a letter to the then Union IT and Communication Minister Dayanidhi Maran the issue was sorted out with the Ministry assuring of  providing a telephone exchange.