Varanasi: Life is going to become easier for the visually challenged with the introduction of a new ‘Talking ATM’ which will aid them in accessing ATM facilities like any other individual. This first of its kind ATM facility will be kick started in Varanasi, by Kashi Gomti Corporation Bank on Thursday.

The new ATM is specially equipped with speakers and ear-phones which would provide the users with information such as their account number, withdrawal amount etc. The user would first have to wear the ear-phones and then insert their ATM cards into the machine. Users would then have to enter the required information with the help of the identification marks on the ATM keys.

After the process is complete, the visually challenged account holder would receive the cash and withdrawal receipt. Any bank account holder can reap the benefits of this new talking ATM.

According to S N Tripathi, Chairman of Corporation Bank, there are around 64 corporation banks in the country which have 17864 branch offices. However, Kashi Gomti Bank is the first to add a talking ATM to its credit list. This new ATM will be inaugurated on Thursday by Union Bank Chairman, Mr. Lalit Singh.

UBI Bank is the promoter of Corporation Bank. UBI has given a contract to NCR Corporation to set up 100 such ATMs across the country.