The 'Highway' director is not bothered about people's expectations from the movie as it marks his second outing with Ranbir after their 2011 successful film 'Rockstar' because he feels 'Tamasha' has its own individuality and a new set of challenges.
"Expectations don't matter. 'Rockstar' was a film we did and enjoyed. This ('Tamasha') has been challenging. We got new things that we need to express through performances, the film and poetry," Imtiaz, 43, said.
The writer-director is known for his poignant presentation of modern-day love stories.
The 'Jab We Met' filmmaker said Hindi movies present a certain moral sense, which the society harbours.
"I feel Indian films, more than anything else, are instrumental and responsible for a sense of morality that we have in the society.
"I actually check my movies, while making or after they are made that they don't drift away from those moralistic values because I know a lot of people are watching," Imtiaz said.
Imtiaz said he has been influenced by casual, light-hearted movies more than "meaningful cinema".
"I do realize the power of the medium I am in and there's a sense of responsibility that I'm trying to have so that it does not affect anyone badly. I have myself been greatly influenced by the films I have seen but I have got most affected by the films, which don't come under meaningful cinema, movies which were just casual, good. I've acquired social skills and moral values from such films," he said.

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