Mumbai: The item song for the Tamil version of '3 Idiots' is turning out to be a nightmare for director Shankar. First, the elaborate set for the song being shot in Chennai proved too costly for the producers. Now, we hear, that it is not even ready for use!

But that's just the beginning of director Shankar's woes. While rehearsing her intricate steps with choreographer Farah Khan, Ileana D'Cruz slipped and injured her leg.

There's more bad news Farah apparently has lost her voice while shouting out instructions for the song!

"The set is not ready and yes, Ileana has injured her leg. She has an old ankle injury and she pressed down too hard on her leg, so the already vulnerable ankle got hurt. I've lent her the services of my physiotherapist. We just have to wait for her to recover. Hopefully, my voice will be back in time," says Farah hoarsely, adding, "I feel so bad for Shankar that we have to postpone the shoot. I'm sure it will be all fine when it is finally done."

Farah would've to be in Chennai for six days to shoot Shankar's song, leaving her three kids with her husband, filmmaker Shirish Kunder.

"Shirish's next schedule for Joker begins later, so he can look after the kids. He is a far more careful parent than I am," she says.