Cairo: Thousands demanding an end to military rule returned to Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday to reject elections "organised by the army," but some admitted to voting in a poll they fought to bring about.

Diehard revolutionaries who spent another night in the square said they had no confidence in the vote.

Taking part would play into plans by the interim military junta led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi to retain power, they say.

"What we in Tahrir want is the ouster of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, so obviously I will not participate in elections he is organising," said Omar Hatem, as he ate breakfast on the square on Tuesday morning.

Tahrir Square, the epicentre of protests that brought down the 30-year rule of strongman Hosni Mubarak, was occupied again last week by activists demanding the end to the ruling military council.

Tens of thousands of people had massed in the square last week demanding Tantawi's resignation, leading to clashes that left 42 dead and thousands injured.

This morning the movement appeared to have lost momentum, but the numbers began to swell through the course of the day.

Many Egyptians, however, say they are fed up with the protests and want the process of electing a new parliament and drawing up a constitution to begin as soon as possible.