Friday review: Tanu weds Manu: Nothing new, yet fresh

New Delhi (Jagran Post Network):

Cast: Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Shergill

Director: Anand L. Rai

Jagran Post ratings: ** and a half (out of 5)

Predictable Love-story weds Usual Storyline. And we get a ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Yes, ‘nothing new, yet fresh’ is what strikes one about this movie which is somewhat charming in its own way.

It is a movie for the youth but if you are looking for some refreshing romantic comedy then Tanu weds Manu has nothing new to offer as such.

It ideally follows a conventional Bollywood style storyline comprising a love triangle and an ever sacrificing hero who does everything to unite his lady love with the guy she loves, the only difference being the colourful canvas backdrop. The plot predictably traces the path which leads to ‘Tanu wed Manu’!

The attempt to camouflage the regular Bollywood style through Kangana's eccentric character, who smokes, drinks and abuses, does no wonders. But the chemistry between Madhavan and Deepak Dobriyal, who plays his friend Pappi, does succeed in providing some hilarious moments in the film.

The story revolves around a sad and serious NRI doctor from London, Manu (R Madhavan) who comes to India in search for his bride. He eventually falls for a small town girl from Kanpur, Tanuja Trivedi (Kangana Ranaut).

But the much expected twist is that she is already fallen for a gunda from Lucknow (Jimmy Sheirgill) who warns Manu with grim consequences if he doesn't refuse the marriage. In turn, Manu not only refuses for it but also lends a hand to Tanu to marry her boyfriend.

Kangana’s comic timings and the chemistry between the two fails to grip the attention of the audience while Madhavan gets full marks on his performance.

The supporting casts of the movie, Deepak Dobriyal, Eijaz Khan and Swara Bhaskar, do manage to infuse fun and vigour in the movie.

The film maker along with his cinematographer (Chirantan Das) has efficiently captured India’s scenic beauty constituting North-Indian backdrop with realistic depiction of the chaotic and bustling city of Kanpur.

The movie may fail to appeal to the critics but will somehow be enjoyed by Madhavan fans for his sweet, shy and giving character. The songs in the film are unsuccessful in giving a wedding aura to the film.

On the whole the movie does manage to keep the audience smiling but a meatier script and a better climax would have worked wonders for the film.