New Delhi: An indigenously developed nuclear power plant at Tarapur in Maharashtra has joined a elite club of such facilities to have an uninterrupted run of over a year.

The Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) Unit III, a 540 MW Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor, was synchronised to western grid at 0227 IST on October 11, 2010 and has completed one year of uninterrupted operation and continues to run smoothly, a NPCIL statement said.

Of the 20 nuclear power plants operated by Nuclear Power Corporation, six have the distinction of having uninterrupted operations for over one year, Ranjit Raj Kakde, General
Manager, NPCIL said.

The TAPS Unit III is the seventh nuclear plant to achieve this distinction, he said.

During 365 days of continuous operation, the Unit III has generated 4453.91 million units of electrical energy with an average capacity factor of 93.43 per cent.

Nuclear power units at Kaiga and Kakrapar have achieved such distinctions, Kakde said.

Kaiga-II, a 220 MW nuclear power plant, has the distinction of the longest uninterrupted run of 529 days, he said.

The TAPS Unit III is presently operating at 96 per cent of full power at 521 MWe while a similar Unit IV is operating at 82 per cent full power at 438 MWe, NPCIL said.

The continuous operation of indigenously developed nuclear power plant has enhanced the confidence of the engineers, scientists and employees of NPCIL and DAE for development of
future reactors for meeting the growing energy demands of country in an environment friendly manner, it said.