Washington (Agencies): US President Barack Obama asked American business leaders to aggressively pursue the huge middle class in India and China to boost their export, thus create hundreds and thousands of jobs in the country.

"The truth is, as countries like China and India grow and develop larger middle classes, it's profitable for global companies to aggressively pursue these markets and, at times, to set up facilities in these countries," said Obama during his address to the US Chamber of Commerce.

"The globalisation of our economy means that businesses can now open up shop, employ workers and produce their goods wherever there is internet connection," he added.

The United States needs an economy that's based not on what it consume and borrow from other nations, but what Americans make and sell around the world.

The President also ensured to help the traders to grow and innovate, upgrade transportation and communications networks, invest in education.

Obama also reminded the American corporate leadership of their corporate and social responsibilities.

"I'll go anywhere to be a booster for American businesses, American workers, and American products. We recently signed export deals with India and China that will support more than 250,000 jobs here in the United States," he stated.

"We finalised a trade deal with South Korea that will support at least 70,000 American jobs – a deal that has unprecedented support from business and labor; Democrats and Republicans. That's the kind of deal I'll be looking for as we pursue trade agreements with Panama and Columbia and work to bring Russia into the international trading system," Obama said.