"Modi is number one in giving misinformation. We are number one in work. When NDA ruled at the Centre and AGP was in power in Assam, there was no smile on people's faces. It was darkness everywhere. We have brought back smiles," Gogoi said at a public rally in Guwahati.
"Rahul (Gandhi) is not looking for any post, but (Narendra) Modi is looking for it. Rahul only wants to empower the people," Gogoi said.
“While Modi was helping big industrialists, Congress was working for uplift of the poor, tribal people, women, students and other people of the society,” he said.
Gogoi alleged that Modi is with RSS, which did not contribute to the independence movement and had killed Mahatma Gandhi.
"Modi is saying that a storm has come and Congress will be uprooted. Nobody can uproot us as our roots are very deep," he added.
"A renaissance is happening in India under Rahul's leadership. Farmers, weavers, students, women, Hindus, Muslims - everyone is helping in this renaissance," he added.
Terming Rahul Gandhi as the chief of army of the party, Gogoi said, "We all are major generals and there are some soldiers also. Rahul has the blood of Bir Lachit and Bir Chilarai."
Bir Lachit was an Ahom general, under whose leadership Mughals were defeated. Bir Chilarai was a Koch general.
Gogoi said that Congress wants to build a united Assam, unlike the NDA which tried to divide the state.
Saying that he had become old and the country needed a youth as a leader, Gogoi said, "I feel young when I meet Rahul. When my blood and Rahul's will meet, we will give a new India."


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