Guwahati: With the Congress poised to retain power in Assam, an upbeat Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Friday said economic development and peace in the state were the two main reasons why the people have 'reposed their faith' in his government.

“Our commitment to serve the poor people and mainly economic development and peace are the two reasons because of which people have reposed their faith in us for the third time,” Gogoi told a private news channel.

Ready to form the new government, he said his responsibility would be 'much more' than the previous years.

“My commitment is to change the whole scenario of Assam. My top priority will be the field of education, which will lead to the economic development of the people, which will create more employment opportunities and tackle all the problems that we are facing,” Gogoi said.

He said health was his 'second top priority', adding “Also my top most priority will be creating employment opportunities in small, medium, cottage industries and agriculture and tourism.”

Talking about the problem of illegal immigration from Bangladesh, he said the issue had been 'largely exaggerated'.

“Assam is a completely peaceful area. But outside perception is still that it is a disturbed area. It's much more peaceful than most states,” he stated.

Asked about the 'mantra' for his party's victory for the third consecutive term under him, the chief minister replied, "there is no mantra. People understood our commitment and sincerity to work for them".

"Inspite of propaganda by the opposition parties and some organisations such as the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), the people were not swayed but remained faithful to our commitment to them, Gogoi said.

"We are very grateful to the people for believing in us and not the opposition propaganda", he added.

The Chief Minister expressed the hope that the peace talks with the ULFA and other militant outfits NDFB, KLNLF, DHD-J, etc., would be resolved through negotiations during the next five years.

On the issue of corruption, Gogoi said, "I am not denying that there is corruption but we need to tackle the situation". The Congress has been in power in Assam since 2001.