"Today I got a golden opportunity to expose Narendra Modi. He is an ordinary man. I have never seen an irresponsible leader like him, and he wants to be the PM of this country," Gogoi told a press conference in Guwahati.
"Modi is shedding only crocodile tears. He remembered Assam only because elections are coming. He remembers only when he lands at Borjhar Airport in Guwahati and forgets it when he leaves. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee's tenure, Assam got nothing," Gogoi said.
He alleged that Modi is a ‘dedicated and committed volunteer of RSS, which had killed Mahatma Gandhi’.
On Modi's jibe that Gogoi, whose name Tarun means young should also think young, the Assam CM said. "My modern outlook and his modern outlook are different. His modernity is about how to dress and talk with big American companies, but mine is to work for rural people, for the aam aadmi."
Citing figures, he said "As per Government of India figures, the Gross State Domestic Products of Assam is 13 percent in 2012-13, while it is 8.52 percent in Gujarat."     

Gogoi also said, "My spending on development is much higher. During NDA's time in the 11th Finance Commission, Assam got Rs 13,280.86 crore. It went up to Rs 57,832.7 crore during the 13th Finance Commission."     

Assam's overall debt stood at Rs 29,200 crore compared to Rs 1,76,500 crore to Gujarat, Gogoi said.
"As on March 2013, the per capita loan burden of my state is Rs 9,368, while it is Rs 29,228 in Modi's state," he said.
Speaking about MGNREGA, he said that Modi had given completely wrong figures.
"In Assam, 40.92 lakh job cards were issued and 13.08 lakh people got jobs. Whereas in Gujarat, 36.60 lakh people were issued job cards, but only 1.75 lakh got jobs," he added.
On government spending, Gogoi said that Assam spent 25.08 percent of total budget in education, sports, art and culture as against 17.13 percent by Gujarat.
"In rural development and medical and public health, I am spending 3.13 percent and 4.80 percent respectively of my total budget, while Modi is spending 2.80 percent and 4.60 percent respectively," he added.
Gogoi, however, said that Gujarat is spending more on urban development projects than Assam.
"In overall health index, Assam's position in India is 3rd compared to 13th of Gujarat. In education, our ranking is 13th, while Gujarat's position is 20th," he claimed.
Gogoi also claimed that the number of crimes in his state is less than Gujarat.
He said that Assam is affected by problems like insurgency, illegal migrants issue, flood and economic backwardness, which Gujarat did not encounter.
"Modi was never in a bad financial position. Gujarat was always comfortable since independent. When I took over, Assam's economy was bankrupt, there was no salary, law and order was bad. But we have done good from there," Gogoi said.     

He also said that the Congress government in Assam took the burden of Bhupen Hazarika's medical expenses during his illness though he fought the Lok Sabha election on a BJP ticket.


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