The device runs on Qualcomm Gobi dual-core processor. Photon Max Wi-Fi dongle provides up to 6.2Mbps internet speed and is based on Rev-B CDMA technology.  It can connect with other devices that are within 100m of range.

Tata Docomo has given full freedom to the existing Photon customers to replace the older version for the new one at a amazing deal, which will bring the net cost of the product to zero in 13 months. Being flexible in operations, the device is compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista/8 or Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 and higher.

Only CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) users can reap the benefits out of this device presently, but the company has promised to extend this facility to GSM users in the coming weeks. Internet enthusiasts can avail unlimited Wi-Fi plans starting from Rs 650 with 3GB unlimited data to Rs 1,500 with 15GB of unlimited data.

Customers can also go for Advance rental plan of Rs 4,999 in which they will get 15GB of unlimited data for three months. The internet speed limit would be reduced to 153.6 Kbps after the mentioned limit is surpassed.