New Delhi: Public Sector Undertaking BEML had supplied Tatra trucks worth Rs 5,000 crore to the Army by procuring them from Tatra Sipox UK allegedly "emphasising" that it was dealing with a fully-owned subsidiary of the Czech manufacturers and not any agent or trading company, which was "false", CBI has alleged in its FIR.

The BEML, under CBI scanner for alleged corruption, had entered into a 10-year agreement with Tatra Sipox UK in 1997 for the supply of components and spares for all-terrain trucks to be supplied to the Army.

The PSU renewed its contract with Tatra Sipox in 2003, four years before scheduled renewal, to extend "further scope of working relationship" with the company, the FIR said.

The BEML "emphasised" that it was entering into a deal with a fully-owned subsidiary of the Czech manufacturer Tatra as and not an agent or trader, CBI has alleged.

According to Defence Procurement Rules, there should be no mediator firm or agent between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the buyers, which were allegedly violated by the BEML as it inked the agreement with Tatra Sipox UK, which CBI claimed, had nothing to do with either Czech manufacturer Tatra a.s or Slovak manufacturer Tatra Sipox AS.

Czechoslovakia based Tatra, which entered into an agreement with the BEML in 1986, was divided into Tatra a.s, having factory in Czech republic, and Tatra Sipox AS, based in Slovakia, after the division of the country in 1993.

Tatra Sipox UK, with no connections with either of these, started in 1994 in London with a share capital of 15,000 US Dollars and listed its principal activities as "manufacturer's agent" which was later changed it to "other service activities", the records accessed from Companies House UK -- an equivalent of Registrer of Companies here -- show.

Vectra Chairman Ravinder Rishi, who is a Director in Tatra Sipox UK, has denied the allegations.

The CBI alleged that Tatra Sipox UK was indulging in "other service activities" such as astrological and spiritual activities, social activities and genealogical organisations.

On the other hand, the company allegedly told its banker Canara Bank, London that it was engaged in business of "sourcing and supplying" heavy duty trucks and their spare parts, CBI claimed.

It alleged that the bank had given working capital limit to the company for purchase of site bills drawn on BEML covering "establishment of merchandise".

The agency alleged that Tatra Sipox UK was not involved in manufacturing of Tatra Vehicles and cannot be termed as original manufacturer yet the BEML signed agreement with it for supply of completely knocked down kits for heavy duty trucks making "false claims" that it was the original equipment manufacturer.

Sources in the agency said, "Agreement and subsequent purchases from Tatra Sipox UK violates the very purpose of provision of having purchased through OEM and the process prescribed in order to benefit certain firms and individuals."