Bhopal: Even though Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government in Madhya Pradesh has raised much much hue and cry over the increased rate of petrol prices, it has not initiated any measure to reduce the financial burden on people. If the BJP government wants, it can reduce the state tax on petrol products.

Interestingly, official records reveal that the rate of tax on alcohol in Madhya Pradesh is far below  the tax being charged on petrol.

The rate of Value Added Tax on alcohol is 12.5 per cent, whereas the tax being charged on petrol is 28 per cent. After adding 23 percent tax imposed by Centre on petrol, the petrol is sold at double rate than its actual cost to the consumers.

The actual rate of petrol is Rs 32.40 per litre. The Central Government charges Rs 16.40 in the form of various taxes while the state government charges Rs 19.60 as tax. Therefore, to purchase a litre of petrol consumers here have to shell out Rs 68.

Experts maintain that though every state government blames the Centre for increased price of petrol prices, they never reduce the tax as it will bring down the state revenue.