Chief Advisor and senior member of Tung-Dilaram Taxi Association, Kurseong, Ramesh Lama, said the administration had provided them with a  parking space at Park Location, but they always had problems taking their vehicles to the parking lot, given the bad condition of the link road.
"We were forced to park our vehicles randomly at other places or roads in and around Park Location and had to face the ire of both the traffic police and the people around,” Lama said.
Lama claimed that they had informed matter and made several requests to the local leadership, members of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) and the ward-number 13 councillor regarding the poor condition of the road, but in vain.
"With help from some individuals, the members of the association themselves repaired around 15 to 20 metres of the road, so that we can drive properly to the space and park our vehicles," Lama said.
The members themselves completed the repair work on the road near Harijan Samiti Building at Park Location in the town on Friday.
The association members said some members of the Harijan community living in the area helped them by providing breakfast and lunch as they repaired the road.      

Association members, drivers and cleaners also contributed money for the work.
Kurseong municipality chairman Samirdip Blon said the move is "a good and appreciable initiative."

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