London: Country singer Taylor Swift has invited a cancer patient Kevin McGuire to be her date to this year's American Country Music Awards.
The 22-year-old singer asked McGuire, 18, to be her prince for the evening after she turned down his invitation for her to be his prom date.
Swift sent the New Jersey schoolboy a special message on Facebook soon after which raised his spirits.
"Kevin I'm so sorry but I won't be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up. Would you be my date?" she wrote.
And even though he is currently in the hospital receiving treatment, the leukaemia sufferer replied, "Obviously I said yes. The ACM Awards is a lot better than the senior prom."
He will now be looking forward to getting out to Las Vegas for the event on April 1.
McGuire is fighting the disease for the second time and was first diagnosed when he was 13.
He is being treated for a relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Since being diagnosed he underwent years of chemotherapy, was taking 35 pills in a night, had hundreds of spinal taps, and numerous bone marrow screenings.
He won his battle with cancer in April 2010, but had a relapse. Throughout his treatment he played basketball and American football at his school, where he is known as 'the real Superman.'