London: Taylor Swift is planning to record with rapper Nicki Minaj after she made her "dream come true" by joining her onstage this summer.
The 21-year-old country singer admitted she would love to step into the studio with Minaj after the unlikely duo thrilled fans with a duet at one of Swift's concerts in Los Angeles, as reported.
"We're not working on anything right now, but I would love to at some point. That would be amazing. I love her.
"One of my favourite moments of the tour was when she came out at the Staples Center and sang Super Bass with me, which was, like, the coolest thing. It was like a dream come true, so it's amazing to get to run into her and see her around, and I'm just such a fan," Swift said.
Minaj, 28, isn't the first hip-hop star Swift has collaborated with. The 'Love Story' hitmaker invited TI to join her at a gig in Atlanta in October.