Hyderabad: Accusing the UPA Government of leaving the Lokpal Bill "orphaned", Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Friday demanded that a strong anti-corruption ombudsman be created in the country.

It was the "bounden duty and responsibility" of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi to put a strong and effective Lokpal in place, TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu said, addressing a press conference here.

It was the duty of Government to get the Bill passed in Parliament but it failed because it had done no proper exercise on it, the former Chief Minister said.

"People of the country pinned a lot of hopes that a strong Lokpal will be put in place. But the Centre belied the hopes by acting in an irresponsible manner. The UPA Government cannot escape responsibility (for failing to see through the Lokpal Bill in Parliament) by putting the blame on others."

He said had the Centre convened a special session of Parliament to discuss Lokpal and other related issues, the entire nation's attention would have been focused on it.

"People, too, would have supported Government's efforts as they expected Government and political parties to act (in tune with their wishes). But Government virtually ran away by getting the Rajya Sabha session abruptly adjourned (late last night)," the Opposition leader maintained.

The Congress had deceived the people yet again. The party will stoop to any level to secure power, he said. "The way it purchased MPs during the confidence vote on nuclear deal in 2008 bears testimony to the Congress' lust for power. In the case of Lokpal, the Congress has left the Bill orphaned."

Corruption posed a greater threat than terrorism, he said expressed his party's commitment to fight for a strong anti-graft agency. "Terrorists can kill 10 or 20 people but corruption is killing everyone in this country."