New Delhi: Famous for his mischievous acts, stealing butter,  raas lila, following the path of justice and welfare of the humankind, setting examples of being a perfect friend and an ideal son, birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great pomp and show across India.

Let this Krishna janmashtami be a reason to teach your child the preaching and deeds of makhan chor.

These days the ways of educating kids about our Hindu mythology are many, where children can play and learn at the same time.
Don't preach but teach your kids in a fun manner about Lord Krishna's tales.

Story books

Along with the bed time story books buy some books on Krishna. They will surely charm your kids with perfect illustrations, colours and easy language. Crossword bookstore in Saket has perfect collection of children's books on Krishna. Our pick from the whole collection was a 200 page book called 'Story of Krishna for Children' available for Rs 85.

There are other books also available at various stores. Book Harbour has 10 books from different publishers on Krishna. There is Krishna colouring books that are available for Rs 35 to 200. Story books include Cartoon Krishna, Tales from Krishna etc. 

Bahrisons Booksellers in Khan Market too have interesting book named Krishna: The Adorable God for Rs 175.

Video Cds, DVDs and cartoons

What better way to teach kids than showing them an animated movie. This will not only entertain your child but will educate them about our mythology.

3D animated DVD called Krishna is a good option. It shows the lord's childhood, incuding his clash with the demon, his naughty aspects like stealing butter and killing of Kansa in Mathura.

There are other DVDs like Krishna and Balram, Bal Krishna, Krishna: The Butter Thief, etc. are easily available on and that too at lowered price.

Even television cartoons like Roll No. 21, Chota Bheem aur Krishna, etc. can increase the knowledge of your kids.

Computer games

Playing on computer is always a favourite time pass for kids. So make them play games related to Lord Krishna. In Krishna computer games, there are four games which includes break the matki, find the way, grab the pot and run away. There are other games too that you can download online.

Cut the cake and make a swing

There are families who celebrate Krishna's birth as the birth of their own child. They cut the cake in the evening and put a swing on which the idol of young kanha is made to sit and people pull the string one by one. They dance, sing bhajans and enjoy.

Be a part of cultural programme

Mandirs in the locality organise various cultural programmes that include dance, drama and singing of bhajans. Make your young one participate in one of the programmes so that he learns the values and the story of our great mythology.

(Courtesy: City Plus)