Greater Noida: In a clear violation of the rules, almost ninety percent of the teachers in Greater Noida, who were transferred to other schools, are not attending classes in their respective schools.  

Miffed by the open defiance of the teachers, department officers are planning to take strict action against the disobeying teachers.

Earlier, Basic Education Council in order to regulate the education system had decided to appoint teachers in basic schools from other schools. Following this, 108 teachers including 63 woman teachers were transferred from Dadri to Bisrakh block in the district.

The decision of the Council failed to yield result as not a single teacher has attended the classes in Bisrakh schools to the date.

It should be learnt that the norms of Basic Education Council empower the departmental officers to transfer teachers from one school to another at district level.

An official of the Council said senior officers would be consulted before taking action against the teachers.