Whenever you tolerate an annoying colleague, or put up a brave face when the nagging manager snoops on you, memories of school fill the eyes with tears of joy. (just kidding ).                     

Be that as it may, don’t forget only teachers have the tendency to create the atmosphere of joy, fun, and delight, and now and then loathsomeness. Besides, imparting knowledge, few teachers used to ensure that you get strict punishments, and there were few with whom students would share all their secrets, including their flings and heartbreaks.             

Old with big spectacles teacher:

This teacher was there in the Kindergarten and she is there even now when you left the school long ago. She loves discipline and issues most black cards. When she takes a round in the corridor, students change their path.

The youthful and beautiful teacher:

These types of teacher never fail to attract attention. They don’t have to caution students for full attendance since they enjoy the advantage of looking alluring and standing out in the group of ‘boring and strict teachers’. Teenagers being teenagers, they even love to impress her with their skills and keep participation high just to get simple compliments from them. From writing it on the board to giving lectures in sensuous mellifluous voice, students follow her every move and listen carefully to create good impression.

Self-obsessed teacher:

Some teachers love to recite tales about their past life, love interests, families and what not. They love to share everything for the initial 20 odd minutes of the lecture and after that abruptly turn to books and starts teaching, leaving students clueless.

Good sense of humour teacher

This teacher is self-proclaimed ‘Kapil Sharma’ of the class and thinks can keep the class in a joyous mood while teaching. Some students even pull their legs with their witty remarks but this teacher lets it all stream out smoothly, with a smile!

The super annoying/ strict teacher

This teacher doesn’t even stand students taking a sip of water from their sipper and loves to maintain a pin drop silence in the class. Grrr!!! This teacher scares the hell out of every student and in case he/she is absent, students starts celebrating from the first period dancing to the beat of their happy hearts.

Let’s raise a toast for the teachers, all of the ilk because we all know that whatever little we have achieved in our life, we owe a major chunk to our gurus.

JPN by Priya Grover

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