Interacting with the 350 national awardee teachers, who will be felicitated by President Pranab Mukherjee on Teachers' Day on Friday, Modi said a teacher never retires and always endeavours to teach the new generation, according to an official statement.



Modi asks teachers to understand changes across world

President to facilitate 350 national awardee teachers on Teachers' Day

Teachers must always be two steps ahead of time, says PM

Modi will be interacting with students tomorrow afternoon

Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th September

S Radhakrishnan's birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day on   September 5 since 1962





"If a society is to progress, teachers must always be two steps ahead of time. They need to understand changes happening across the world and prepare the new generation accordingly by arousing curiosity in them," he told them.

Modi said two of his wishes after he became the Gujarat Chief Minister were to meet his childhood friends and honour his teachers.

"I fulfilled both of them ... The role of a teacher is very important in any student's life," he said.

Speaking in a lighter vein, Modi said he is sure the teachers, who will be honoured by the President, would not be affected by ‘Delhi's airs’.

"I am sure it would not happen," said Modi, who has in past referred to himself as an outsider in the capital.

The teachers also participated in the informal interaction, the statement said, and expressed their views on various aspects of teaching.

Modi will be interacting with students tomorrow afternoon and schools across the country have been asked to ‘assemble’ them to watch the event which will be streamed live.

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