After crisscrossing with the government over the Lokpal Bill, Team Anna finds itself at cross-roads when it comes to taking the anti-graft movement a step ahead. Arvind Kejriwal, a Team Anna member’s confusion, on how to take forward the fight for an effective and strong Lokpal saying the movement is at ‘crossroads’ and a wrong decision at this stage can prove disastrous for it, is paradoxical. This also points finger at the loss of sheen of Anna’s earlier successful movements evident by the recent fizzling in Delhi and Mumbai. On one plank the agitation for Lokpal was well received by the masses. But did Team Anna pursue the movement weighing the sentiments of the common man? Had it done so it would not have found itself at the end of the road? The signs for Team Anna were loud and clear when they failed to receive unparallel public support in the anti-Congress poll drive in Hisar. Also the low turnout of supporters in Mumbai and Delhi during Hazare’s fast for Lokpal showed the obvious signs of the Anna tide fading away. Team Anna should have gauged the popular sentiment and pulled back the agitation. Failing on another account, Team Anna’s decision to allow ailing Anna Hazare sit on fast also went against it. This not only affected his bad health but also compelled him to end his fast mid-way. If Team Anna truly desires to seek public opinion on further action, it should reflect on the numerous objections which surfaced during the agitation other than contemplating on the offered public advice.

Anna’s team should not look dejected as the movement started by it is far from over and waiting to get a logical conclusion. Any movement is prone to face ups and downs. The hurdles on one hand slow the speed of an agitation but at the same time they grant renewed energy to overcome the obstacles. Team Anna need to ensure that it does not face junctures where it is required to defend accusations mentioning its alliance or enmity with any political party. It is high time for the Team to realise that all the political parties in confluence created a situation which debarred the passing of Lokpal Bill. Under the present circumstances, the BJP’s request to the President for calling a special session of the Parliament to pass Lokpal Bill holds no meaning. First, there isn’t any chances of the request being accepted and second that this stunt by the BJP will achieve nothing. It is paradoxical for the BJP to press for passage of strong anti-graft Lokpal when the party does not shy away from inducting tainted ministers like Kushwaha. The ruling party has given its assurance to try passing the Lokpla Bill during the upcoming Budget session. However, it is to be noted that had the intentions of the ruling and the Opposition parties been genuine and in favour of the public, they would have formed unison on the matter of Lokpal which still seems a distant dream.