New Delhi: Though the Congress bastion of Amethi has been soft-cornered for the Gandhi family for past many decades, the local populace has stood by Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption. Even though Amethi has elected Congress youth scion Rahul Gandhi as their representative in the lower house of parliament, majority of the locals have extended solidarity towards Hazare and his team.

Announcing the results of the referendum in Amethi, Team Anna claimed that 90 percent of locals have supported their version of the Lokpal Bill. The Hazare group said over 83,000 Amethi residents participated in the referendum.

Hazare will address public through media on August 15 and communicate the reason of his fast unto death from 16 August. Besides he will also explain how freedom is incomplete without ‘Jan Lokpal’.

During the movement, Anna plans to peacefully appeal to public for huge participation.

Hazare’s supporters have also appealed for hour-long blackout (switching of lights) in homes and offices between 8 pm to 9 pm on August 15.

Team Anna distributed forms to one lakh people in Amethi Constituency. The form included eight questions asking the opinion of people on Lokpal.

According to the survey, - 95 percent of the over 83,000 people polled said that PM should be brought within the bill, 87 percent said that corrupted government employees at levels should come under the Lokpal’s ambit, 89 percent  said that Parliamentarians who take bribes should included under Ombudsman’s jurisdiction. About 72 percent felt judiciary should also be included under the ambit of the anti-corruption law.