New Delhi: With Team Anna’s protest entering the third day in course of latest round of his demonstrations at Jantar Mantar, all eyes will be riveted towards the number of people that would be turning up at the venue.

Questions are already being asked whether Team Anna’s movement against corruption has fizzled out with less and less number of people coming out to support their cause.

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Unlike in the past, crowds which had thronged the protest venue were missing this time and the count at its peak last evening was somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000. The organisers appealed to "mothers, wives and daughters" to flock to the protest site at Jantar Mantar on Friday.

The fast in Mumbai last December showed as its the anti-graft movement had lost steam and the latest round at Jantar Mantar also appears to be headed for an early wind up if crowds like on Wednesday and Thursday, fail to turn up today also.

There is a general feeling of confusion among the masses about which way the movement is headed. While Team Anna’s main focus was Lokpal Bill till last year, this time around they are demanding an SIT against corrupt Union Cabinet ministers.

Also, Anna Hazare and his team members are speaking in different tones.

On Thursday too, Hazare refused to endorse his aides' attack against President Pranab Mukherjee.
Hazare appeared not in sync with his close aides levelling allegations against Mukherjee, who was sworn in as the new President, when he congratulated him on assuming the highest Constitutional office.

"He is the top most person in the country by becoming the President. I congratulate him," Hazare told reporters and refused to talk about the allegations raised by Team Anna against him, saying, "I do not want to speak about it."

In his speech also at the protest venue, he did not speak about Mukherjee or Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Team Anna had even masked the photograph of Mukherjee in a collage at the site in a symbolic protest, alleging Congress has managed to put the 'chadar' (veil) of Constitution on the President, who has the immunity against any investigation.


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