New Delhi: Team Anna, which had earlier received the overwhelming support from all the many of the Opposition parties over the anti-graft Ombudsman Bill, landed in fresh controversy on Monday. Now all the political parties have launched joint attacks on the civil society members for making derogatory remarks against the Parliamentarians during a day-long fast at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on Sunday to press the government for early making of a strong and effective Lokpal Law.

Clubbing hands together, the political parties including BJP, JDU, SP and others warned the civil society members to refrain from making such defamatory remarks against the Parliamentarians who are the most vital part of the institution of democracy and termed the statements unfortunate.

The sources say that it is possible that the JDU may present censor motion against Team Anna on Tuesday in a bid to underline the importance of Parliamentarians in framing a law.

A demand was made for a Parliamentary resolution against Team Anna to condemn the uncivilized language used against MPs saying that they have deviated from the fight against corruption.

Team Anna members on Sunday said that around 162 lawmakers have criminal records relating to rape, loot and murders. Showing a video footage on a projector at the venue of fast in which JD-U chief Sharad Yadav was seen speaking in the Lok Sabha, a team Anna Member had shouted the famous adage- Chor ki Dadhi me tinka.

Leader of the Opposition and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj led the charge in the Lok Sabha saying that by speaking against democratic institutions, the civil society members were indirectly inviting dictatorship.

Echoing similar views, JD-U supremo Sharad Yadav, Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam, CPI (M) leader Vasudev Acharya expressed wrath over conduct theam Anna members.

On one hand, the civil society members are seeking our support over the Lokpal issue and on the other, they are calling us looter and corrupt,” said Swaraj.

She further said if the lawmakers were looters, corrupt and rapists, then why Team Anna sent three of its demands to be incorporated in a resolution passed by the Parliament.

Asking the members not to cross their limits, Swaraj said, “Just for mere publicity the team Anna members are trying to impress the common man.

This is totally immoral to accuse the representatives of the common man like this.”

Meanwhile, Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam accused the Team Anna of getting international support in the entire stir in a bid to destabilize the internal peace as they are jealous of the country’s growth.