Team Anna’s fate is a perfect example of how a popular movement has derailed from its path and is losing its significance among the masses. The derogatory remarks made by Team Anna against politicians recently had come under severe criticism in the Parliament. Such instances are only eroding Team Anna’s popularity. In a democratic country like India there is a way to make oneself heard. No one should stoop down to a level of indecency. There is no doubt that Team Anna is in disagreement with many politicians over the issue of corruption and the Jan Lokpal Bill but this does not give them license to make derogatory remarks publicly. What is more baffling is that they do not have any feeling of remorse over the incident. Rather they are strongly backing their remarks. Undoubtedly the Parliament has not lived up to the expectations of the people and there are good numbers of tainted ministers in both the Houses but this does not arm Team Anna with the liberty to speak anything against them.  This attitude adopted by Team Anna is not going to solve their problem.

Irrespective of the movement the focus should not be lost. Failing to achieve their goal, Team Anna seems to have resorted to such measures which are not going to solve their purpose as democracy demands humbleness. Team Anna has to realize that in order to bring about changes, they either have to become a part of the democratic set up or seek support of their members. The Jan Lokpal Bill can take shape only when the Parliament is serious towards it. And hurting the sentiments of the Parliamentarians is not going to take them anywhere. The need of the hour is to make the politicians realize about the promises made to the people instead of making defamatory comments against them. The Parliament by rejecting a censure motion against Team Anna has taken the correct step. There is no two ways in it that Team Anna has abdicated decency but it is equally true that the Parliamentarians have not executed their responsibilities in the passage of the Lokpal Bill.