New Delhi: Blowing the bugle, Team Anna will kick off the first of its campaign in the five poll-bound states from Haridwar on January 21.

Team Anna members including Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Prashant Bhushan said that his team will not target any political party. Instead the objective will be to create awareness among the mass about good governance and common man’s role in the polls.

When asked whether Anna Hazare will share the dais during the awareness campaigns, the members said, “His health is the only area of concern. He is recuperating well and will surely lead us if his health remains good.”

The Team members further said, “We are not for or against any political faction. Our fight is against the decaying political structure. This is the sole reason we are asking people to demand the parties for a strong Lokpal Bill so that they can get relief from corruption.”

“We also aim at knowing the view of common man about the hard core issue haunting them like land acquisition, corruption and most importantly the Lokpal Bill,” said Team Anna while talking to the reporters.

When asked whether yoga guru Ramdev and Team Anna will come together for campaigning in Uttarakhand Kejriwal said, “It is true that Anna Hazare-led Team  and Baba Ramdev hold similar opinion over corruption and blackmoney, but we have no plans to hold joint campaigns as of now.”

"On the basis of religion and caste politics, the parties want to win votes and are trying their level best to use money and muscle power. They don't focus on real issues," Prashant Bhushan said.

Asked if the movement of India Against Corruption is petering out, Kejriwal denied the speculation.

(JPN/ Bureau)