New Delhi: Aimed at dispelling the impression of their movement being an urban middle class uprising and to rope in all sections of the society, Team Anna has started making efforts to engage the Dalits and the Muslims in their fight against corruption.

Anna has got mixed response from Dalit groups in his fight against corruption. While UP Chief Minister Mayawati has declared her support to Anna's movement, some of the Dalit representatives have appealed not to support Anna’s demand for Jan Lokpal Bill.

In order to reach out to the Dalits, Anna while addressing the gathering on Tuesday despite deteriorating health, mentioned about the role of the downtrodden in his life as well as his movement against corruption.

He pointed that he has been working for the benefits of the Dalits from the time he started social work.

Addressing the crowd at Ramlila Maidan, the Gandhian activist recalled that he volunteered in the fields of a Dalit villager in his village to help him in repaying Rs 60,000 debt.

Similarly, in order to garner support of the Muslims, one of the key members of Team Anna, Kiran Bedi met chief cleric of Jama Masjid, Sayyed Ahmed Bukhari and tried to convince him about the exact nature of the movement. Bedi also urged Bukhari to mark his participation in the protest.