New Delhi: Team Anna on Tuesday remained defiant despite a censure from the Parliament over the language used in attacking lawmakers, saying questions still remained on issues raised by them and it reaffirms the public perception about lawmakers' non-seriousness to root out corruption.

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Soon after the Parliament passed the resolution, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said there were questions in people's minds and none has been addressed yet.

"In future, will bills be torn apart again? In future, will mikes and chairs be thrown around? Horse trading of MPs continue. These are the questions which remain," Kejriwal said.

MPs in Lok Sabha had hit out at Team Anna on Monday for using derogatory language against Parliamentarians and political parties during Anna Hazare's one-day fast at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.
In her reaction, another key member Kiran Bedi said it was an opportunity for a debate in Parliament on trying to understand the real reason for public outcry which is for clean politics.

"The Parliament could have resolved not to give tickets to persons who have been judicially charged of serious heinous crimes. And also have special courts to expedite trials of such persons who want to represent the people in the temples of democracy.

"A historical opportunity lost. It also reaffirms the public perception of non seriousness to root out corruption but muzzle the voices which are questioning the increasing criminalisation of politics as the main reason for passing a weak lokpal in Lok Sabha," Bedi said.

She said there was a wide gap between what people need and what MPs deliver. "It is a tragedy of our times. Hope it ends soon," she said.

Earlier in the day, Hazare targeted politicians saying their "who are you to question us" attitude is an "insult" to the Constitution.

Ahead of the discussion in Lok Sabha, Team Anna asked lawmakers whether the "good MPs" will support 162 of those with criminal background or demand cleansing of the Parliament.

"Will 'good' MPs on Tuesday stand by 162 MPs with criminal backgrounds or wud they demand cleansing of Parliament. Whole country would watch on Tuesday," Kejriwal tweeted.

Bedi tweeted, "Can our Parliament while debating a resolution condemning Team Anna pass a creative/strategic vision of what the Parliament ought to be and how?"