New Delhi: Nobel laureate Amartya Sen believes that Anna Hazare and his team do not understand the causes of corruption and their ways to deal with it are wrong.
"I believe that their reading of corruption or what causes corruption or how it can removed is wrong," Sen said while rejecting the notion of using indefinite fast as a tool to eradicate corruption.
"The system needs changing but that's not a question of changing a minister or doing dharna or having someone tied up at a tree. It's a question of changing a system and looking at the incentives the system gives on corruption," he said.
Describing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a fine economist, Sen, however, said there is question whether he is a great political figure or not.
"You have to mobilise the political system because you know democracy is meant to be governed by discussion instead of that what we've ended up in India is government by pressure groups and the pressure groups are very sour," he said in an interview.
Touching upon issue of economic growth, Sen said that there is need to use benefits from growth for healthcare, education and physical infrastructure
"Chasing fast growth alone is stupid," he said.
"That doesn't make me anti-growth because growth helps, certainly. But a kind of single minded worship of growth is no way of getting to the things which we really care about namely what is good for the Indian people," he added.


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