New Delhi: It was tipped to be the final frontier for Team India and the most important one of the year.  Some of the players who are the legend of the game were touring England for the last time. Alas! All of them except 'The Wall' failed to knock out with a punch.

India's nearly 20-month reign as world's number one Test side came to an end after they were whitewashed by England in the four-match Test series.

An unfit Indian team suffered its worst series defeat in England since 1959.  With the likes of some of the best batters in the world, India failed even to score a 300 + runs in eight innings.

And among the bowlers, with the Indian spearhead Zaheer out due to injury, none of the bowler’s troubled English batsmen. And it seemed even skipper Dhoni lost his midas touch.

Here is the Report Card of the India team:

Gautam Gambhir: A series full of injuries for Gauty. Indian opener failed to adapt in the most testing conditions on his first tour to England. In the second Test he was hit on the right elbow while fielding at the short-leg and missed the third Test. Later he got mild concussion when he fell awkwardly attempting to take a catch on second day of the fourth Test.

•    Runs scored: 102
•    Matches/innings: 3/6
•    Highest Score: 38
•    100/50: 0/0
•    Average: 17
•    Jagran rating: 2.5/10

Virender Sehwag: He is the batsman most of the bowlers around the world fear to bowl. His capability and power to destroy any attack is well known. Ironically, coming out of shoulder injury, he never looked fit in England. He seemed to be in rehab mode following his shoulder surgery. He landed in England to take out Indian team out of trouble but he picked up a king pair in the third Test and managed only 8 and 33 in the Oval Test. He was also seen strolling around the infield with his hands in his pockets, watching England bat.    

•    Runs scored: 41
•    Matches/innings: 2/4
•    Highest Score: 33
•    Average: 10.25
•    100/50: 0/0
•    Jagran Rating: 1/10

Rahul Dravid: No words can define this true champion of the game. He was hailed by every individual for his performance against England. The highest run scorer for India in the just concluded Test series kept no stone unturned and stood up to the challenge when everyone around him had surrendered to the fiery England bowling line up. He was the winner in the greatest ‘Test’ of a person as an individual as well as a batsman. This time he added many bricks in "The wall".

•    Runs scored: 461
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 146*
•    Average: 76.83
•    100/50: 3/0
•    Jagran Rating: 9/10

Sachin Tendulkar: A series full of disappointments for the Indian batting maestro. Sachin scored 91 in the final innings of the series and batted for long time to save the fourth Test, but his hard work seemed to be insufficient to avoid a whitewash. He played much below his standards and England's mathematics calculation seems to be working against his armoury. There is no doubt that he is the greatest batsman of all time and he will be back, but it's difficult to argue with the fact that India's biggest star went missing when team needed him the most. His batting in this series showed some signs that he is fading but TIME will tell what's next.

•    Runs scored: 273
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 91
•    Average: 34.12
•    100/50: 0/2
•    Wickets: 0
•    Economy: 4.66
•    Jagran rating: 4/10

VVS Laxman: No special innings from the ‘second innings man’ against England. He is the one batsman who unusually performs when everyone else fails. Due to lack of much needed effort in practice sessions and his poor body language on the field suggest that something is really wrong in the system. Apart from some knocks in the IPL, he is only playing Test cricket for India and if players like him are not serious then this would lead to their end.

•    Runs scored: 182
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 56
•    Average: 22.75
•    100/50: 0/2
•    Jagran rating: 3/10

Suresh Raina: The future of Indian batting and among the best fielders India have, he is always full of energy on the field. Unfortunately, he failed in the England ‘test’ as his weakness to handle short stuff was exposed.

•    Runs scored: 105
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 78
•    Average: 13.12
•    100/50: 0/1
•    Wickets: 4
•    Economy: 3.94
•    Average: 62.75
•    Jagran rating: 2/10

Yuvraj Singh: He fractured his left index finger in first Test at the Lord’s. Yuvi showed some resistant against the England attack. His impressive 62 and a wicket in the first innings showed his class but his injury forced him out of the entire series.        

•    Matches/innings: 1/2
•    Highest Score: 62
•    Average: 35.00
•    100/50: 0/1
•    Wickets: 1
•    Economy:4.33
•    Average: 52.00
•    Jagran Rating: 5/10

MS Dhoni: Mahi failed in his primary tasks to keep wicket and lead the team. He was miserable with the bat, faded with his tactics; he dropped catches and was sloppy with his glove work. He should consider a long break to get the energy back. The Indian captain looked absolutely clueless against the England all round attack. He blamed the lack of preparation for the loss. He was unable to call on his first choice team in any of the Tests, subsequently resulting in his first series loss as a captain.

•    Runs scored: 220
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 77
•    Average: 31.42
•    100/50: 0/2
•    Wickets: 0
•    Economy: 3.90
•    Jagran rating: 3/10

Abhinav Mukund: He’s too young and inexperienced to replace players like Gambhir or Sehwag. He missed a king pair and had a poor series. He scored a century in the practice match and 49 at the Lord’s. He should get more opportunities especially on benign tracks in the subcontinent.

•    Runs scored: 64
•    Matches/innings: 2/4
•    Highest Score: 49
•    Average: 16.00
•    100/50: 0/0
•    Wickets: NA
•    Jagran rating: 3/10

Praveen Kumar: He proved himself with his swing. Praveen Kumar was the most successful Indian bowler in English conditions. His swinging deliveries were consistently troubling England batsmen. Playing his first series in England and second series overall he showed some gritt against England. He also contributed with the bat as he scored more runs than regular Indian batsmen Sehwag, Raina, Gambhir and Mukund and at a whopping strike rate of 104.76.
•    Runs scored: 110
•    Matches/innings: 3/6
•    Highest Score: 40
•    Average: 18.33
•    100/50: 0/0
•    Wickets: 15
•    Economy: 2.79
•    Average: 29.53
•    Jagran rating: 7.5/10

Amit Mishra: He was included in the team to replace injured spinner Harbhajan Singh, but alike his companion he was ineffective with the bowl against England players. He was there to create some world record of NO balls. Instead of bowling and taking wickets he did talking with the bat and even missed scoring a century by a whisker at The Oval. He was the fifth highest run scorer for the Indian team. After this series he should work more on his batting as in future he can become a complete all-rounder. Mishra was involved in 144-run partnership with Sachin, the highest by India in the series for any wicket.

•    Runs scored: 153
•    Matches/innings: 2/4
•    Highest Score: 84
•    100/50: 1/0
•    Average: 38.25
•    Wickets: 3
•    Economy: 3.95
•    Average: 106.66
•    Jagran rating: 4.5/10

Harbhajan Singh: He was the most experienced bowler in the Indian attack. Bhajji recently completed 400-Test Wickets in the West Indies, but turned out to be the most expensive bowler in series. This is one series Bhajji will never think about again. Like Dhoni he needs a long break from cricket and must work on his basics again.

•    Runs scored: 58
•    Matches/innings: 2/4
•    Highest Score: 46
•    Average: 14.50
•    Wickets: 2
•    Economy: 4.11
•    Average: 143.50
•    Jagran rating: 1/10

Ishant Sharma: He did lot of bowling as India were reduced to three man attack in the first two Tests. He was impressive in some spells but need to work a lot to beat best batsmen in the world. His tired body and lack of support from the other end proved fatal for him in the series. His tired legs now require much needed rest but expect more good things from him in future.

•    Runs scored: 24
•    Matches/innings: 4/8
•    Highest Score: 8*
•    Average: 4.00
•    Wickets: 11
•    Economy: 3.68
•    Average: 58.18
•    Jagran rating: 3.5/10

S Sreesanth: After making a much-deserved return to the Test side, the temperamental pacer started off well for India and claimed a 5-wicket haul in the first Test, but lost his energy as the series progressed. He claimed some top-order batsmen, but was struggling against the tail-enders.

•    Runs scored: 18
•    Matches/innings: 3/6
•    Highest Score: 7*
•    Average: 4.50
•    Wickets: 8
•    Economy: 4.44
•    Average: 61.62
•    Jagran rating: 2/10

RP Singh: During the 2007 tour, he took 12 wickets at an average of 28.91 with a five-wicket haul in the Lords Test. Being called in the national Test team after three years he was not able to pick a single wicket and his bowling lack pace and sharpness. He seemed to be out of colours in the field. A young and talented player but looked very immature in England.

•    Runs scored: 25
•    Matches/innings: 1/2
•    Highest Score: 25
•    Average: 12.50
•    Wickets: 0
•    Economy: 3.47
•    Average: 0
•    Jagran rating: 0/10

Zaheer Khan: An unfit Zaheer Khan proved to be a fatal blow for India and team didn’t recover from his loss in the entire series. He only bowled 13 overs in first Test and left the field and series due to hamstring strain. Players like him should look after themselves when they are not playing otherwise you know the results. He was a great hope for India before the series, but turned out to be a great disappointment.

•    Runs scored: 0
•    Matches/innings: 1/2
•    Highest Score:
•    Average:
•    Wickets: 2
•    Economy: 1.33
•    Average: 9
•    Jagran rating: 1/10

(Tarun Sharda/JPN)