Washington: Accusing Mitt Romney and his team of frequently changing stand on a host of issues, President Barack Obama launched a humour-blended attack on his Republican rival, saying he was suffering from 'Romnesia', which could only be cured through 'Obamacare'.
"He (Romney) is changing up so much and backtracking and sidestepping (that) we've got to name this condition that he is going through. I think it's called 'Romnesia'. That's what it's called. I think that's what he's going through," Obama said during his election speech in Fairfax, Virginia.
Romney has come down with a case of 'Romnesia' because he is now forgetting what were his own positions on various women-related issues like equal wages, coverage for contraceptive care and their right to choose, Obama claimed.
"You say you're for equal pay for equal work, but you keep refusing to say whether or not you'd sign a bill (on it). You say women should have access to contraceptive care, but you support legislation that would let your employer deny you contraceptive care," Obama said.
"If you say you'll protect a woman's right to choose, but you stand up at a primary debate and said that you’d be 'delighted' to sign a law outlawing that right to choose in all cases, man, you've definitely got Romnesia," he added.
"If you say that you're a champion of the coal industry when you, as the Governor, stood in front of a coal plant and said, this plant will kill you, that's some Romnesia. So, I think you're beginning to be able to identify these symptoms," the President said.
"Now, this extends to other issues. If you say earlier that I am going to give a tax cut to the top 1 per cent and then in a debate you say, I don't know anything about giving tax cuts to rich folks, you need to get a thermometre, take your temperature as you've probably got Romnesia," he said.
"If you come down with a case of Romnesia, and you can't seem to remember the policies that are still on your website, or the promises you made over the six years you've been running for President, here's the good news Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions," Obama said.

"We can fix you up. We've got a cure. We can make you well, Virginia. This is a curable disease," said the US President.
Vice President Joe Biden also made best of the term during his speech in Florida later in the evening, where he launched an attack on Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.
"I hope you all don't get 'Romnesia'. It's a bad disease, and it's contagious as all of a sudden, Ryan, the budget hawk, the guy who introduced a whole budget plan that it already passed the House of Representatives, all of a sudden he doesn't remember it," Biden said.
"He doesn't remember what it actually does to the vital programs that mean so much to ordinary people. He says it doesn't cut; it just slows growth," Biden added.
Later in a press conference, Ben LaBolt, spokesman of the Obama Campaign, too said Romney has a case of "Romnesia" as he has "forgotten his record" and he "wants you to forget it too".
"Romnesia is a condition affecting Mitt Romney, who has shifted his positions from 'severely conservative' to 'severely kidding', conveniently forgetting the conservative promises he has made over the past six years that he's been running for president," the campaign said.
The Romney Campaign was quick to react too, saying that the people of the country have suffered during the last four years of the Obama Administration.
"Women haven't forgotten how we've suffered over the last four years in the Obama economy with higher taxes, higher unemployment, and record levels of poverty. President Obama has failed to put forward a second-term agenda, and when you don't have a plan to run on, you stoop to scare tactics," Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock said in a statement issued by the Romney Campaign.
He said a second term for Obama will bring "devastating" defence cuts that will cost Virginia over 1,30,000 jobs, more burdensome regulations, and the "biggest tax increase" in the history on small businesses and families," Comstock said reacting to Obama's remarks in Virginia.
The two leaders will face off in the third and final Presidential debate in Florida on Monday.


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