Here are 5 tips of teaming up your leather jacket with different costumes to give you a chic look:

Maxi Dress: You can opt for a sheer, delicate maxi dress, in a neutral tone, paired with some black leather ankle boots or wedge sandals. Style the look with sunglasses, a statement ring and a few bangles.


Skinny Jeans: This is not only the comfortable way to go, but it also looks chic and edgy. Pair the jacket with a simple, oversized tank or T-shirt and skinny jeans. A cool black shoulder bag or backpack and some silver jewelry would complete the look.


Lace Shorts: The leather jacket would work great mixed with a printed t-shirt, preferably in black or grey, a pair of lace shorts and a pair of white converse. An oversized bag, minimal jewelry and subtle curls would perfect the look.

Cropped Pants: This look is cool and slightly masculine. In order to make this outfit a hit, team the jacket with a buttoned shirt rather than a t-shirt, light colored cropped pants whilst the chunky leather ankle boots would also be an interesting addition.



Knits and Cardigans: When the temperature drops, wear your leather jacket over knits and cardigans, and top the look of with a cosy scarf. A popular look is to also layer your leather jacket over a hoodie. The look is casual and cool.