London: People who work together as a team are much more efficient in solving problems than those who face their fatigue by themselves, according to a new study.

The study observed the problem-solving skills of 171 army officer cadets during a weekend training exercise.

"Teams appear to be more highly motivated to perform well, and team members can compare solutions to reach the best decision when they are fatigued. This appears to allow teams to avoid the inflexible thinking experienced by fatigued individuals," a news channel quoted Daniel Frings, a senior lecturer in social psychology at London South Bank University, as saying.

The results revealed that individual soldiers who were exhausted performed considerably worse on the tests than alert soldiers.

However, teams of cadets performed just as well when they were tired as when they were attentive.

"Flexible thinking during problem-solving is vital in many fields," Frings added.

The study concluded that in situations where fatigue could be a factor, teams rather than individuals should make the decisions whenever it is possible.