Washington: Children as young as eight years are suffering from severe back pain and headache problem caused due to over-indulgence in iPads and smart phones.

The iGeneration kids are not only suffering from neck and back pains but also from tendinopathy in wrists and thumbs.

The worst affected are children between the age group of 12-16 who are experiencing back injuries typically seen in people above 30, Andrew Wynd, Director of Balwyn Sports & Physiotherapy Centre said.

Wynd said the reason is incorrect posture of children who sit for long hours curled up on a couch or in bed with a laptop or other device that leads to problems in neck and middle-back.

Osteopath Dr Paul O'Keefe has given treatment and medication to some nine-year-old kids for 'tech neck', an affliction caused by 'holding the head in the same position continuously for hours', the reports said.

However, Dr Martin Mamo of Macedon Ranges Osteopathy in Sunbury has advised parents to encourage their children to sit in proper posture, as they are getting over-dependent on technology.


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